The Equity Implemented Partnership (EIP) was launched in fall 2015 as a research-practice partnership with the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD) and researchers at the University of Iowa. In spring 2019, the EIP expanded to also work with the Waterloo Community School District. The EIP leverages both the expertise of social science and education policy research and the practitioner knowledge and expertise found in the ICCSD and WCSD to more effectively address persistent inequities in the district. 

The Equity Implemented Partnership aims to create more equitable experiences and outcomes for all students using a data-informed, evidence-based, inclusive process of decision-making. 

In the ICCSD, the EIP’s work focuses on using data on student experiences of school climate to inform district and school building decisions and planning processes. The focus on student experiences draws on the growing body of work which demonstrates that safe, supportive, and relationally strong school environments promote academic, social, and emotional development, and that students from disadvantaged backgrounds and socially marginalized identities are less likely to experience these types of positive school environments. 

In the WCSD, the EIP’s work focuses on teachers’ ability to create inclusive and equitable classroom environments, and their effectiveness at teaching diverse students. This work is motivated by understanding that teachers, the classrooms they create, are key mechanisms through which to address systemic inequities in student experiences and outcomes.

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